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3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Expert Advisors

Traders live in a world dominated by automated trading. But about two decades ago, robotism or robotism was acting directly and directly from humans, especially if it was about trading. Now the situation has reversed, and the robot is the one who controls and leads the way and we follow it. However, I can give at least three reasons to refute and refute the idea of ​​using automated trading or expert advisor program when it comes to trading on your own Forex Scorpio Code account.

Virtual server costs profile

The expert consultant acts as a robot with instructions to buy or sell when certain conditions are met. It is relatively easy to program where anyone with a background on IT can adapt to MetaEditor or any other programming tools available for free.

Before preparing an expert advisor program, one needs a strategy that is already tested. This can be done in two ways: either by examining a pre-test strategy in the light of historical data and data to see what kind of results in past years / months have been achieved, or by tracking hypothetical trading centers on paper for this strategy for a while to see if it is feasible.

When both steps are completed and the Expert Advisor program is set up, we must understand that it is not enough to apply it on the chart / broker, since while the trading / computer platform is closed, the expert advisor program simply stops trading. To work around this problem, you will need a VPS or so-called (Default Private Server). .

The VPS server acts as a real computer in a separate location that ensures that the trading platform is not closed during the week. What’s more, virtual server never closes unless there are some unavoidable technical failures.

To be able to access the default vps server, you must open an account with VPS providers, pay monthly subscription fees based on server needs, and then follow the instructions on how to optimize the use of these servers.

Using the VPS is a good way to overcome platform problems, but there are monthly costs that an individual should take into account as they are deducted from the profits of the expert advisor program, if any!

Implementation and price differentials

Trading using an automated trading program or an expert advisor still needs an intermediary. Trading intermediaries are very different. Among these differences are price differences and fast execution of trading orders.

For example, when a NFP report is issued in the United States, if the expert advisor is programmed to open or close a transaction during the issuance of NFP or after its issuance, the level of entry or exit will be different and not Results match those in the test.

Execution of a trading order is also an important topic. Let’s say that the robot has a stop loss for a ten point trade below the current market price and an important economic news has been released. Given the use of ECN (Electronic Communications Network) brokers, it is virtually impossible for the broker to complete the trading order at exactly the required level. Therefore, the actual closure would be far and away. So again, the test results will not correspond to reality.

Forex Scorpio Code

Forex Scorpio Code

Absence of market conditions

However, none of the above is a major challenge to the Forex Scorpio Code Vladimir Ribakov automated trading program expert advisor compared to the lack and absence of market conditions. What does this mean?

A forex broker is obliged to execute a trading order if there is a market, meaning that if you sell, there must be someone who buys, or if you buy someone must sell. This is the market. What if no one buys what sells or does not sell what you want to buy

It can be said that this is not likely or possible in the Forex trading market, but recent history tells us that things do not always go the way they are supposed to be.

In January of 2015, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) cut EUR / CHF at 1.20, leading to unprecedented chaos in the forex market. A number of trading brokers went bankrupt, deals were suspended, and the entire industry was shaken to the bone.

On the assumption of such an event and you have an expert adviser who buys EUR / CHF before the price falls to 1.20 lows and the stop order has been tentatively below 1.20, then a trading broker in the world will not be able to help you, since there is simply no market after it is floated.

For a few minutes (5-10 minutes) nobody knew the real value of the EUR / CHF pair and how there was no market. There were no buyers for sell orders to close their positions. So the expert advisor will have to carry out the purchase orders until the market is formed again. .

The problem is that the market formed around 0.8700, the level at which the expert advisor was supposed to close the positions. Which means that the Forex Scorpio Code trading program of the expert adviser has abandoned the gains of the previous possible years, “and is still unable to offset the loss, which shows that online trading carries risks when trading using the expert adviser ..

The Importance Of Electronic Marketing By Digital Cash Academy

Why E-marketing is one of the most important tools of e-marketing for companies online:

Advertising and marketing of products and services:

E-marketing for companies is one of the best tools to promote various products and services as Digital Cash Academy contains many different tools that help you to reach the largest number of customers target easily Now there is almost no product or service, but you can access them through the Internet Search for your company’s product on The Internet will find competitors if you do not find anyone so this is your chance to be the first to create this market.

Access rate:

E-marketing enables you to target customers easily by creating advertising campaigns or SEO and advertising for your site or through marketing on social networks. There are many other tools that increase the chance of reaching as many of your potential customers anywhere online.

Speed ​​of communication:

The Internet enables you to quickly respond to your potential customers anytime, anywhere through email or comment on social networks or on your site directly. You can get your targeted customers anytime and from anywhere on the Internet.

Customer Analysis:

E-marketing helps you to quickly analyze customers and find out which products or services are better and they need more and also makes it easier to know what products or services they are looking for and want to buy.

Digital Cash Academy

Digital Cash Academy

Comparison Results:

E-marketing shows you the Digital Cash Academy JR Fisher results of campaigns quickly so you can compare the results of advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook as an example to show you the full picture of the best ways and strategies to work in the future to increase the volume of sales of your company as soon as possible.

the cost :

The cost of e-marketing for products and services is far less than traditional marketing. E-marketing is easy to reach as many potential customers through the Internet as possible in the shortest time possible, compared to sending salespeople to customer locations.

Types of electronic marketing

E-marketing in general is the marketing of a particular product or service on the Internet because this giant network has become It occupies an important position in the world of marketing and can not be dispensed with because this network occupies an important part of our daily lives and helps us to quickly reach the desired segment of customers targeted for traditional marketing and traditional media in the dissemination of news such as newspapers, magazines and audiovisual radio stations. It has a great place with individuals and the public as a whole so it is necessary to exploit this development and the great expansion in electronic marketing

Types of e-marketing:

1. Social Networking Marketing:

Today, social networks have become the property of everyone and an Asian station that your potential customers pass on every day. Many companies in the world and the Arab world have taken these social networks to channels of communication and communication with customers, and also to provide good content to their potential customers. Reach the target segment in more ways than:

Manage Facebook ads, so reach the required segment in the shortest time.

2. SEO marketing and search engines:

If you own a website and do not appear in the search results for Google in the first ranks, you missed a lot and many. Seo and archiving sites in the search engines is one of the most important channels of e-marketing because it proved to be the best seller of the other channels and this is very convincing because in the search engines the customer is looking for you And looking for your product or service, but there is another service to appear early results, but Digital Cash Academy Review service is funded and called:

Google Adwords, you pay for running in the early results.

3. Email marketing:

E-marketing is considered one of the oldest forms of e-marketing is simply a marketing tool aimed at communicating with customers and target group by e-mail.

Comprehensive Guide To Making a Steady Income From Your Blog

Your readers need to see you as a compelling force in your field to trust you, and Google needs you to trust your personal commitment to your SEO strategy. This, of course, means that success on the Internet – with Google – has become harder than before, but it also means that people’s will to work for it for months and years is doing well.

In Lurn Summit post I will show you the following:

My personal theory of this slow growth strategy.
Multiple income streams that operate almost automatically.
How to choose the AFLET program (marketing by work) right to be promoted.
How to write a “revolutionary article” that enables you to promote your product.
The strategy I used to write content to bring visitors to my blogs and websites.
This article is fairly long so bring a cup of your favorite coffee as the conversation will take some time.

My personal theory about this type of cash flow

One of my main goals to get out of the real world and start an Internet business was to create a cash flow where I could work less, spend more time with my children and my wife and do the things I love and help people who need help. One way that I consider strong, stable and long-lasting is to create a trustworthy code and make my own products, and to choose the AFLET – or Commission Marketing – programs to be carefully selected.

Since this strategy worked well with me, I thought about sharing the key idea and overall structure of my commission marketing process, helping others increase their income from AFLIT.



How does this strategy work?

Initially, you create a blog that revolves around something you love, a key word that you think is profitable, focusing on creating high-quality content, building celebrity on social channels like Twitter and Facebook, writing lengthy articles and gently pointing to some products – Direct – these are your own products or AFLIT products that pull “traffic” – or traffic – to the sites of the intended products through content that is valuable and actually useful – to different sites related to the content provided, while at the same time containing the products you profit from money.

If you do it right, this strategy will return you to articles with a high conversion rate. The AFLIT products promote – imagine this – a Google search engine, having acquired or ranked Rank, over the years.

How much can you win?

I’m not fond of going into the details of “How much can you win”? Or “expected to win such and such at least” for this kind of blogging, because people feel frustrated when they do not see the same results they were expecting immediately .. It needs patience, especially in case of failure. But also so that you are not new to them, and for their own sake – only – you will be able to realize how much profit allows you to pay all your bills to implement Lurn Summit strategy, and not only to get some extra money for fun and entertainment.

Why you should focus on more than one source of income

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from my online business is that things do not last forever. Even huge sites fail sometimes at the end (do you remember MySpace?).

Google is constantly updating its policies and logarithms, often the day will come when something terrible happens in this regard, and you will find that you need to struggle to get the price of food food .. Do not be surprised .. This is the case of the world.

When you apply a strategy for writing such a strategy, you need to do two important things:

Protect your core assets
If you have a master blog that you’ve set up on the Internet and do not want to make any changes to, make sure you do not put them at risk for new strategies that are concerned about their results, or at least that you do not trust. That’s exactly what I’m talking about today, which is absolutely 100% legitimate in Google’s eyes, but there’s a danger that people can use that strategy to expose their blogs and themselves – and their business – to a lot of problems.

Protect yourself from failure
If you over-ate from a source, and something changed you did not expect to change, it’s a good idea to make sure you have two or three – at least – working well. This means experimenting with multiple things at the same time, or at least making sure you have a backup plan taken off immediately.

There is always an inherent danger to all business decisions. If you can do that, make sure you reduce this risk as much as possible and that you will not get out of the race track.

Now let’s get to the preliminary stage by entering into the three-step operation of the Aflyte Pump to operate non-stop, God willing.

Stage 1: How to choose the correct AFLIT program

Assuming you do this in my way, you already have a blog (if you do not have one you can see one of our offers to create a blog). You have a lot of persuasive power in Copy My Cash Flow blog. This power comes from a lot of high quality exclusive content, with a Google Plus account, linked to Google Authorship, a powerful brand, a blogging community developer, etc.

What this means is that you will choose the AFLET program to be:

I tried it on yourself
One of the coolest ideas is, do not promote any product until you have first tested it yourself, to discover for yourself whether this is a good, distinctive and legal service so that your readers can benefit from it similarly.

I enjoyed it
You should make sure that you have enjoyed this experience to the fullest, and not only that the bad product brings you a bad reputation, but it goes beyond financial damage as well. Consider this rule: You do not make money when people return the product to the Aflet you promote. It is common occurrence that you see flimsy sales pages selling products that are not as promised as quality.

To think it is suitable for your brand

A large part of the “confidence factor” in this process is that the product is very close to the chip in which it operates. So if you have a blog talking about fitness, do not promote credit cards or dog training. I can not confirm this claim, but I think Google picks up such things and becomes negative points against you.

This is certainly not a coincidence. This is a kind of deliberate narration that suits the readership and the vast blogging community that wants to hear such talk, while at the same time seeing such solutions stand out in many reliable products. A professional blogger who has a high persuasive power should always make his readers in a constant passion for more content, especially paid content, that makes the visitor always curious to miss something.

This sometimes imposes you on an important obstacle. You need to find something that suits you – fits your slice – and at the same time suits your readers. For example, BlueHost may be used as a hosting service provider, but it may not be appropriate for your readers to deal with foreign companies. The “trust” and “desire” must be combined with an appropriate keyword to be able to write content that covers a certain range of products AFLT offer.

Decide before you start your blog

The reason why I put the AFLIT product selection before the Blogging Strategy is that it’s often really useful to know what keywords the AFLIT products you intend to write about before you go into blog creation. This gives you a good opportunity to formulate the content you intend to write, as well as choose the tone of the discussion in which you intend to promote the Aflite product to the visitor on his journey to your site.

Choose yourself a good place to start your search and choose the right keyword for the segment you intend to work in. It is the actual start after the initial start that we started, and know that you are going to get into a project that requires some spending. The more you spend on your project the shorter The more steps in the way, the faster your wheel accelerates.

When this is actually done, I know that most of you already have a blog, and may be trying to do what you’ve missed to get to the right AFLIGHT product after you’ve already created the blog. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no need for any kind of frustration. All you need is to do more to match what’s on your blog, with search engines – especially Google – and at the same time provide what your readers really need.

Where can I find the Avalite product when I want it?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the type of code you are trying to create because each Aflet goes to a different “broker” ..

The interesting thing to note is that you can head directly to any of the companies that want to promote their products, and search if they have – and often have – the Applet program. Enter any company site and move the mouse wheel down, and find one of these words: Affiliate, Associate, Affiliate Program, Profit Sharing Programs, Commission Sales, Become a profit partner, Subscribe and earn Money, … etc. Or any other word bearing this meaning, I have now understood the game.

I decided to share this experience with my readers who asked me about my hosting companies. In the end, when I decided to promote their services, I did not take them as their most famous broker – Commission Junction – but I went straight to them, and I was surprised that I found success and support unless I found it in any intermediary company and achieved far better results than I expected.