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10 Commandments For Success In Life With Reality Bending Secrets

10 Commandments For Success In Life With Reality Bending Secrets, We all want success in life, but some of us fail to reach it because it is thought that success is an impossible impossible word to want. In fact, we may have neglected the reasons for success, and we have come to Earth.

Success is your ambition from good to best, perfect to God alone, and if you hear someone say to you: “I have reached my goal in life,” he knew he had begun to decline. And the human striving for success, and God does not waste the wages of workers. Badi’z-Zaman Al-Hamzani said:

I must strive not to recognize success

Here are the commandments of those who wanted to harvest the fruits of success from the orchard of life .. And what is only an invitation to reach the farmer in the two homes, as the value of the success of the world, if in the afterlife lost visible !!

1 – You have to piety God Almighty is better .. And the best will .. God Almighty says: “And fear God makes him a way out * and Izrqh in terms of not calculated” divorce 1-2. The Almighty also says: “Whosoever feareth Allah will make His order for him,” (4) divorce

Love fills your heart with the love of Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him, and then the love of your parents and around you .. Love renews youth, prolongs life, and brings tranquility .. And hatred fills the hearts of misery and misery .. Make your home enough of the love of your family and family .. The surgeon, and radiates heart warmth of intimacy and affection.

Reality Bending Secrets

Reality Bending Secrets

3. Make your love for yourself dwindles before your love for others .. God Almighty says: and affect themselves even if they have a prey “Alhashr 9 .. And the enemies distribute the good to the people, multiplied their happiness .. And the brothers monopolize the good for themselves, suffocation in their chests Make your heart full of love and tolerance And compassion .. The Eastern Keys Review is the brothers who filled their hearts with hatred, hatred and resentment.

4. Do not shed tears on the past, those who shed tears on their luck do not laugh to them this world, who laugh at the troubles of others, do not pity them days. Do not cry over the spilled milk, but make an extra effort to make up for the milk you lost.

And remember the words of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “If you get something wrong, do not say if I did, there was such and such.

5. Make yourself more optimistic .. The optimist looks at night to the sky, and sees Hanan moon, and pessimists look at the sky and sees only the cruelty of darkness. Al-Humayli said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) loved it, because pessimism is a misgivings about Allaah, and optimism is good for him, and the believer is commanded with good faith in God Almighty. After all, Muawiyah ibn al-Hakam (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: I said, “O Messenger of Allaah, we are men who fly around.” He said: “This is something they find in their chests, so they will not be saved.” narrated by Muslim . Al-Nawawi said: It means that the tira is something you find in your soul, and you do not have to do that, but do not refrain from doing what you do.

6. Be more fair to people than you are .. The injustice shortens the age, and goes to sleep from the eyes .. We lose those we love because we are wrong in their account .. We focus our calculation on their mistakes .. And forget their virtues .. We ask them to be free of any defect. And we justify our mistakes on the grounds that we are human beings not infallible. Imam Muhammad ibn Sirin says: “Your injustice to your brother is to remind him of the worst of what you saw and conceal his goodness.” Ibn al-Qayyim said:

7. If people are blazing with bricks, gather these bricks to contribute to the reconstruction of a house .. If you throw flowers and spread them to those who taught you .. who took your hand as you struggle at the foot of the mountain

8. Be confident in God first and then yourself .. and know your flaws .. And you know that if you get rid of your flaws, you are closer to your dreams. Remember your mistakes to get rid of your defects. And forget the mistakes of your brothers and friends to keep them .. And know that The Manifestation Millionaire Scam is one of the happiness to work faults themselves from the disadvantages of others ..

9. If you succeed in order .. Do not let vanity sneak into your heart .. The Prophet peace be upon him says: “And God inspired me to be humble so that no one is proud of anyone and no one to anyone” Narrated by Muslim. And the Almighty says: “Do not give up your self, I know who I am (32).” And if you fell on the ground do not let the ignorance of you that people have dug the pit for you .. Try to stand again and open your eyes and mind so as not to fall in the holes of days and the fall of the nights. If you fall and learn to stand, not how to be afraid .. If you stand and remember the facts on the ground .. To bow to them and help them stand.

10. If you win over your opponents, do not feel them.